Something wicked this way comes as Two thirds of JPM’S gold Vanishes Massive 8 tons WITHDRAWAWN OVERNIGHT!:Also 30% OF CNT SILVER INVENTORIES WITHDRAWN FROM COMEX VAULTS IN 2 DAYS!!

JPM’s eligible gold inventory has just plunged to an All-Time Low as a massive 8.125 metric tonnes- a full 65% of The Morgue’s GOLD was withdrawn overnight!
Jamie & Blythe are expected to be working overnight  moving pallets of phyzz from 5 floors below The Fed into JPM’s depleted vault…



Brinks’, CNT, Delaware, HSBC, & Scotia (every vault except JPM) all saw significant physical withdrawals, as a massive 2.7 million ounces of physical metal fled COMEX depositories.COMEX SILVER 41013

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6 thoughts on “Something wicked this way comes as Two thirds of JPM’S gold Vanishes Massive 8 tons WITHDRAWAWN OVERNIGHT!:Also 30% OF CNT SILVER INVENTORIES WITHDRAWN FROM COMEX VAULTS IN 2 DAYS!!

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  3. AT some point in time all you guys will wake up to find your gold and silver has no value,UNLESS,you have recieved the mark of the beast,another words you won’t be able to buy or sell,now anyone watching this sad dog and pony show,has already realized the gold and silver has been working its way to china,WHY? cause thats the pickup point by the aliens from nibiru,YEA, I know you don’t believe it right now,but you better take a closer look at the military,they’ve already been told to get your gold and bibles when marshal law is declared,AND all the gold will be going to china at that point in time,like it or not,THIS PHONEY DEBT thing is about moving all the gold to the pickup point,remember that rich guy who warned you to sell all your gold and buy ammo,food and supplies,THINK about that,and while your thinking about that,THINK ABOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST TOO……………………..

    • gold and silver will always have value unlike paper money, i think what your overlooking is the fact that people will always among themselves trade through barter, money is well what you want it to be but it has to have intrinsic value gold and silver have intrinsic value, the old rich guy you were talking about is mark faber. Mr Faber is an insider he is an illuminate disinfo agent, yes he speaks well about investing but he is one of those people they put there to keep people in an upright position while the plane crashes, Mr Faber as an insider had a moment of candor(he was allowed to say this because it so obvious except to the brain dead public at large) because in a war situation which is about to happen if you are caught in the wrong place at the wrong time nothing will save you. He wasnt saying gold and silver are useless but in a war situation(nuclear by the looks of it) nothing will save you. Gold and silver will always be good for barter if the chance arises, if the chance does arise and you have none then you may starve or die. i would rather have some real money to improve my chances. As for the mark of the mark of the beast, there will always be black or unregulated markets where one can buy things with gold and silver it will be the only way to buy anything. The beast system is already here the mark is around the corner. Those with gold and silver will be able to survive outside the regulated system better than someone with nothing to trade with

      • If you have any gold and silver they will take it. They’ll break it down to street barter as well with databases, GPS, video cameras. You can run but you can’t hide. Don’t love your life to the death and you will receive a crown of glory in Heaven for eternity. All the anti-christ and his loser minions will get is a few years running things and then its off to eternity in the lake of fire.

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